PSC to give indigenous sports more attention this year

January 09, 2018

by: JC Ansis

PSC Chairman William Ramirez. (Photo from PSC)
PSC Chairman William Ramirez. (Photo from PSC)


The Philippine Sports Commission will shift more of its focus towards indigenous sports in 2018, an announcement chairman William Ramirez made during their Directional Meeting on Monday.

The Indigenous Games will be held in more locations across the country after the board approved the proposal of Commissioner Charles Raymond Maxey, oversight commissioner for the Indigenous Games, to make it a regular item in the the PSC’s annual plans and programs.

According to Maxey, the aim of the Indigenous Games is to promote the rich cultural heritage of our indigenous people as well as preserve their traditional sports and games.

Mindanao will host the first events of the 2018 Indigenous Games in the first quarter, while Visayas and Luzon will hold the succeeding events later in the year.

“The law mandates us to nurture our culture. This is a perfect way to merge sports and culture,” explained Ramirez.

Last year, the Indigenous Games were held in Ifugao as part of the gender equality program of the PSC under the Office of Commissioner Celia Kiram.

Some successful athletes who hailed from different indigenous groups are the late track and field star and Cotabato native Mona Sulaiman, Badjao Bana Sailani who won bronze in three Asian Games, and Igorot Jason Balabal who is a Southeast Asian Games gold medalist.

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