Full Court Report S01E64

June 20, 2016

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Pop out the champagne and get ready to party as the gang basks in post-championship glow in this episode of the Full Court Report! Mo starts the party looking back at Cleveland’s great game 7, and how Kyrie Irving’s rise in the finals may be worthy of him being named as Co-finals MVP with Lebron. Brad jumps in afterwards, looking for Steph Curry and Klay Thompson, who have seemingly disappeared in the crucial stretch of the series after leading the way for the team for most of the season. Chris takes over in the third, dusting off the history books and looking at how Cleveland’s come-from-behind series win against the best regular-season team figures into NBA history. Finally, Jinno goes for last call, getting the gang’s take on whether we are now witness to a new NBA Rivalry. Are Lebron and Steph good enough to be a new Johnson vs Bird? Don’t get left out of the celebration and join the FCR crew in this edition of the Full Court Report! Like, follow, subscribe via Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, iTunes and Android.

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