Full Court Report S01E63

June 17, 2016

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As the Cavs live to fight another day, Mo, Chris, Jinno and Brad assemble for yet another scintillating edition of The Full Court Report! Chris leads the tip-off looking back at Game 6 of the Cleveland-Golden State Series. The Cavs hold off the Warriors in Cleveland, thanks to another monstrous effort by LeBron James. Special mention goes to Tristan Thompson’s double-double effort, and perhaps some missed calls by the refs. Jinno jumps in for Quarter No. 2, talking about the excitement of a Game 7, while musing on missing some key figures such as Andrew Bogut and last year’s Finals MVP Andre Iguodala. Can the Warriors hack it out without the two? Brad comes off the bench in the Third, to weigh in on the battle of the benches. After some key injuries and the performance of each team, which team has the deeper and more able bench mob to take home the NBA title? Finally, Mo closes the show focusing on the fouled-out Steph Curry and his notable mouthpiece-throwing range. The crew looks back at that uncharacteristic moment, as well as the action that followed on social media. All this and some other gold nuggets are up in this episode of Full Court Report! Check us out on iTunes, Android, and Youtube, and stay connected via Facebook and Twitter.

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