Full Court Report S01E62

June 14, 2016

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Flagrant. Ferocious. Firey. Just a few F-words to describe this episode of the Full Court Report!
Chris starts the discussion with a lookback at Game 5 of the Finals between Golden State and Cleveland. After Draymond Green gets suspended for excessive flagrant fouls in the Playoffs, Lebron James and Kyrie Irving make 41 apiece to keep the Cavs alive. The FCR crew look back at what got the Cavs back in the game.
Mo takes over next, putting the microscope on Steph Curry. Can he carry the Warriors the way that Lebron does for the Cavs? And how big was the absence of Draymond Green?
Brad takes over in the third, keeping track of some of the shots fired in the heightening word war during the Finals. Also, the FCR team debate on whether Lebron’s move to get Draymond suspended was a masterstroke or a wuss move.
Finally, Chris takes it home with some things to look forward to in the off season. Does Durant move? Will the Timberwolves finally rise as a team to beat? Can the Spurs stay relevant? And how much more freaky can Giannis Antetokounmpo get with another year in the league?
Catch these discussions, as well as some of the gang’s notable reboots, in this edition of Full Court Report! Don’t get suspended from all the fun by liking, following and subscribing via Facebook, Twitter and iTunes

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