Full Court Report S01E61

June 09, 2016

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As the final buzzer sounded on game 3, the boys headed straight to the studio to serve you up another dose of the Full Court Report! Chris takes the starting role today and he runs an iso on the Cavs’ first win in the 2016 NBA Finals! Then Chris lobs it up to Jinno who dares to ask the dreaded question… (cue creepy sound effects) …are the Cavaliers better without Kevin Love? The second half opened with Brad at the helm. He takes a look at the how much work today’s athletes put in the lab. He brings up how technology and other developments have put more years into the careers of this generations’ players. And finally, closing the show out was Mo, who talks NBA news. The crew tries to justify or simply make sense out of Steph Curry’s withdrawal from the Team USA National Team pool. As always, we got you covered from four different cities all over the world. Get your much-needed fix of the Full Court Report on iTunes, YouTube and Android!

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