Full Court Report S01E60

June 06, 2016

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Get ready with your popcorn and beer with another action-packed edition of the Full Court Report, featuring the NBA Finals! Chris leads the tip off as the gang debates on how watchable the NBA Finals is between Golden State and Cleveland. After a more gritty 4-2 Eastern Conference Finals between the Cavs and Raptors, and a come-from-behind series win by the Warriors against the Thunder, the Warriors have so far been dominant in the Finals, leading 2-0. Is there still something more to expect from the Finals, or will it be a waste of electricity and internet? Bradford takes over in the second, leading the troupe to a breakdown of the different aspects that make the Warriors winners, and how Steph Curry may be the first NBA MVP in a long time that didn’t need to step up in the Finals, for his team to dominate. Mo steps up in the third, to focus on Draymond Green as a key cog in the series. After struggling in the WCF, Green has been a monster against the Cavs. Does Cleveland have an answer to Green? Also, the FCR gang talk about Lebron’s proclamations of being “lower on the totem pole” of the Cavs organization. Finally, Jinno takes things home in the fourth, weighing in on Dwight Howard’s future, James Harden and the Rockets, and some talk about the age of the mid-range jumper. All these, as well as some interesting online meetings from the gang, are primed and ready for this episode of Full Court Report! Don’t be left behind by liking, following and subscribing via Facebook, Twitter and iTunes.

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