Ball Hogs Episode 27

June 09, 2017

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Three games into the highly-anticipated NBA Finals between the Golden State Warriors and the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Warriors remain undefeated. They seem to have taken the Cavaliers’ best punches, especially in Game 3, but are somehow still standing. The 27th episode of Ball Hogs once again focuses on the NBA Finals and its protagonists. Mo and Jinno welcome coach and analyst Charles Tiu as a guest co-host while Aaron joins the discussion all the way from Cleveland, where he was able to watch Game 3 and join the postgame press conference. The hosts tackle different ongoing storylines in the Finals, from the legacies of LeBron James and Kevin Durant, to the place of this Golden State team among the best NBA teams of all-time, to the adjustments that the teams should make to end or extend the series. Finally, the hosts make their picks on how much longer the series will last as well as the likely winner of the Finals MVP Award.

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