Ball Hogs Episode 23

May 10, 2017

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The Golden State Warriors and Cleveland Cavaliers may have already taken care of business and advanced to the conference finals, but four other teams are still battling it out in the conference semifinals as the NBA Playoffs continue. Mo, Aaron, and Jinno begin the 23rd episode of Ball Hogs by debating three callers on topics such as the Cavs’ and Warriors’ playoff dominance, the Rockets’ chances of winning a title under Mike D’ Antoni’s “half the defense, double the offense” style of play, and John Wall and where he ranks among Eastern Conference players. The hosts then discuss the Spurs-Rockets series that just gave us the best game of the playoffs (so far), the physical Celtics-Wizards series reminiscent of 80s and 90s playoff basketball, and talk more about the Warriors and Cavs. With Gilas-Pilipinas only a couple of days away from competing in the 2017 SEABA Championships, the team’s preparation, their chances, as well as its naturalized player, Andray Blatche, are also discussed. Finally, in Press Box, sportscaster, writer, and PBA barker Noel Zarate gives us a preview of the six opponents that Gilas will be facing in the SEABA Championships that starts this Friday.

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