The Stage is Set for the OGN Overwatch APEX Season 4 Quarterfinals

September 13, 2017

by: Ralph Nicolo Manaloto

Last July, Lunatic-Hai defeated KongDoo Panthera 4-3 to claim their second consecutive OGN APEX championship. Just a few weeks after (last August 14 to be exact), Season 4 of APEX started, and Korean teams have once again provided exciting and entertaining Overwatch matches for over a month.

Now, the teams that will play in the Quarterfinals (or the Group Stage #2) have been determined. From 16 teams in the main Group Stage, only eight teams remain, and they are:

Group A consists of KD Panthera, LW Red, CONBOX, and Nc Foxes. KD Panthera and LW Red are the Group A High Seeds, as they ended the first Group Stage with 3-0 records; the two other teams meanwhile, are the Low Seeds.

KD Panthera’s inclusion in the Quarterfinals is expected, given that they were the runners-up last season. What’s surprising is Nc Foxes, who made it through the Quartefinals from promotions.

Group B also has a team from the Season 4 promotions which is GC Busan. The rest of the teams in the said group are X6-Gaming, Lunatic-Hai, and RunAway.

RunAway looks to be in a resurgence; as the team ended Season 2 in 2nd place, but failed to make it to the Quarterfinals in Season 3.

For defending champs Lunatic-Hai though, the road to the Quarters was a surprisingly tough one. Lunatic-Hai opened Season 4 with a loss against MVP Space. But they did bounce back in their next games to claim the top spot for their group.

Another unexpected result in Season 4 so far is from last season’s 3rd placers AF.Blue. The team was eliminated from contention after a tough 0-3 loss against GC Busan.

The OGN APEX Season 4 Quarterfinals will begin on Friday, September 15. You can watch the games when they go live here.

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