The new Warwick is coming and he’s scarier than ever

January 10, 2017

by: Ram Ronquillo

Earlier yesterday, Riot released a cinematic teaser featuring the reworked Warwick and it looked menacing and scary but at the same time awesome.

Before the cinematic teaser, Riot released journal entry from the Mad Chemist, Singed wherein he detailed his experiment named “Subject #1088”, this teaser was believed to be the reworked Warwick.

With the cinematic teaser out, there’s no need to speculate anymore as much of what Singed had described in the journal entry is present and confirms that it is indeed the new Warwick in the journal.

The teaser shows a Zaunite with his buddy (or whatever you call you call them in Zaun) running away from Warwick who chases them down an alley which we presume is in Zaun. Because it is in first person, we only get to see the other Zaunite which looks like Bane with a shotgun who eventually gets decimated by Warwick after we leave the poor guy behind.


At this point we get to see the new Warwick up close for the first time in all his glory, with his massive claw and the green liquid in the pump devices in his back.

Shortly after our character seems to have gotten off the hook, he mistakenly takes hold of a sharp metal piece in the hole by the door, which was ripped off by Warwick, which makes our character draw blood. This triggers a violent transformation as the green liquids in the vials turn to orange and this liquid seemingly starts to go through his blood stream.


His claw looks more fiery than just plan metallic in this state.


This reaction makes Warwick glow orange and gives him an even scarier look. The cinematic ends with Warwick jumping a far distance and attacking our character with his large orange claw.


Two things stood out from the teaser, the first of which is a hint towards his third skill, Blood Scent which looks like they retained. After our character cuts himself just as Warwick was walking away, Warwick takes a good whiff and immediately looks at our character. If one thing, it seems like Blood Scent will get a new mechanic that turns the green liquid into yellow orange and eventually triggers into stronger auto attack.


He knows…

The second of which is his ultimate, Infinite Duress which seems to be what he did in the end as he leapt towards the pod. Whether it keeps the suppression mechanic, it is hard to tell.


Imagine seeing that chasing after you in a pod that you cannot control. 

One question comes to mind though, will he now get a rage mechanic similar to that of Gnar or Tryndamere or Rengar which players will have to manage in order to be more effective on the rift?

If anything, this new Warwick looks amazing and looks to be a menacing champion on the Rift.

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