Royal Never Give Up and Samsung Galaxy secure their Worlds 2017 Quarterfinals spots

October 13, 2017

by: Ralph Nicolo Manaloto

The second set of teams – Royal Never Give Up (RNG) and Samsung Galaxy (SSG) have clinched their Quarterfinals spots at the 2017 League of Legends World Championship. Their advancement to the Playoffs came as no surprise, given that the teams are in the top 3 of their respective regions (the LCK for Samsung Galaxy and the LPL for Royal Never Give Up).

This does mean that the Worlds 2017 runs of Turkish squad 1907 Fenerbahçe (FB) and EU team G2 Esports (G2) have come to an end. The result was especially heartbreaking for G2, as they defeated RNG in the first game of the day to keep their Quarterfinals hopes alive; that was until RNG defeated Fenerbahçe to secure their Playoffs spot.

Coming into Week 2, RNG and SSG topped the standings, as both teams put up great performances in Week 1. Most expected both teams to be the ones to move on to the Playoffs, but that was called into question after the group’s first Week 2 game between RNG and G2.

G2 started the game on the aggressive, and they built up an 8k gold lead by the 21-minute mark. RNG was not able to come back from the huge net worth deficit, as G2 took an easy 11-2 win 27 minutes in.

The next game was between SSG and FB, which did not have much action as the teams elected to play more farming oriented games, until the mid game that is. 24 minutes in, SSG took down Baron and subsequently team-wiped FB. Things went downhill for the Turkish team after that fight, as SSG took control of the game and won in 33-minutes, with a kill score of 14-5 at the end.

SSG then faced-off against G2, and while G2 looked to replicate their excellent performance in their previous match of the day, SSG proved to be too much for them. The Koreans steadily built up a lead after winning a mid-game team fight (much like in their game against FB), which led to them winning the game at the 42-minute mark. SSG’s win guaranteed them a spot in the Quarterfinals, and put G2’s Worlds run in jeopardy.

G2 still had a chance to qualify, provided that RNG lose their next two games. But the opposite happened, RNG stomped FB in a sub-30 minute game, which meant that RNG will move on to the Quarterfinals, eliminating G2 in the process.

With G2 and FB eliminated from playoff contention, their game against each other was still a crowd pleaser. G2 picked Yasuo (always a fan-favorite), and while they almost their Nexus, they held FB back and even won the lengthy 50+ minute game.

The final game of the day is the first-place decider between hometown team RNG against SSG. The game was just as close and exciting as their Week 1 match, with both teams getting successful pick-offs. The game was practically even until the 28-minute mark when RNG got two kills on top of a Baron takedown, which swung the game into their favor. Soon after, RNG barreled through SSG’s base, and they won the game with 32 minutes on the clock.

With RNG’s win over SSG, they secured the top spot of their group, which should mean that they won’t be matched against a Korean team in the Quarterfinals. RNG looks poised to have a deep Playoff run this Worlds 2017 after their excellent Group Stage result.

Photos courtesy of lolesports

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