EVO Japan details have been released; official dates and new event included

March 18, 2017

by: Benjo Gonzales


To the delight of fighting game players and enthusiasts, the executive committee of EVO Japan has finally released new information regarding the highly-anticipated event.

The Evolution Championship Series, or more commonly known as EVO, is set to be held next year on January 26-28 at the Akihabara UDX complex in Tokyo, Japan.

For the entire history of EVO, this will be the first time that the world’s most prestigious fighting game event will be held outside of American soil. In addition to this, EVO Japan will also be hosting a new tournament this year, called [sài], that will serve as a preliminary months before the main event in 2018.


[sài] is set as a smaller-scale tournament that uses the same structure as EVO’s, which is an open tournament with a double-elimination format. There will be no cash prize and seeding for this tournament as it is only meant to “unite gaming communities and celebrate the fighting spirit in Japan”, according to a recent press release.

The chairman of the EVO Japan Secretariat, Noriyuki Kaneko, also released a statement via the same source:

“Fighting games have been around for over 30 years, stemming from a single genre within the arcade gaming industry it has evolved and transcended the world of gaming. In recent years the fighting game communities based out of North America have expanded the genre and player base, most notably through EVO and has had great success in hosting the world’s largest open gaming tournament – for all games. I am honored to be part of an EVO event in Japan, the birthplace of the fighting game, not only as part of the staff but also as a fighting game fan & player.

Although it is known that EVO is the world’s biggest open gaming tournament, it’s more than just that. In my experience, EVO is also the best event for the separate fighting game communities. EVO Japan will work to unite these many communities and fighting gamers from all over the world as well. We welcome everyone that has their own specific goals, ideas and purposes and hope to enjoy fighting games together.

We look forward to seeing you at EVO Japan 2018, let’s have a great time together!”

[sài] will be featuring three fighting game titles, namely Tekken 7: Fated Retribution, Guilty Gear Xrd Rev 2, and a third mystery game that is yet to be revealed. The said tournament will be held on May 20-21 at the Akihabara UDX complex, as well.

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