CLASH ROYALE | Introducing the Bandit

March 20, 2017

by: Ram Ronquillo

Four new cards in Clash Royale were revealed in the last Sneak Peek, these are the Bandit, Night Witch, Bats, and Heal. The first of the four which is set to be released is the Bandit.

The Bandit is a unique troop card that can be unlocked in the Jungle Arena and costs 3 Elixir to deploy. Her unique ability is that she charges then dashes to nearby targets and upon hitting a target with her dash, she deals double damage. This dash does less damage than the Prince, Dark Prince, and Battle Ram but it charges faster than any of the three.

This charge can be stopped with stuns like Zap and Electro Wizard but once she’s begins her dash she will not take damage. This means that hoping to stop the Bandit with a Fireball or The Log will require good timing and perhaps some luck.

Despite the ability to dash through boulders, Fireball, and The Log, when alone she can still be easily countered with swarm Troops like Guards, Skeleton Army, or Goblins.

She’ll definitely play a unique role in Clash Royale with the ability to offer a bit of tankiness and a dash ability which can be used to take down key support cards in enemy pushes.

The Bandit is set to be officially available on March 24, but in case you’ve missed it, a Bandit Draft Challenge is live and is set to end later today and like the previous card challenges, completing the challenge with 12 wins will unlock the latest Legendary Card.


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