Nonito Donaire helps Greg Secker Foundation give away 100 homes in Iloilo

January 06, 2018

by: Carlo Pamintuan

(Screenshot from Sports5PH/Facebook)
(Screenshot from Sports5PH/Facebook)


Nonito “The Filipino Flash” Donaire is a hero in the Philippine sporting world but by helping in the building and giving away of 100 homes in Iloilo, he showed he’s also a hero in real life.

Donaire made a quick trip to the Philippines to join the Greg Secker Foundation in turning over 100 houses that will be given to less fortunate families.

“I partnered with Greg Secker Foundation and we’ve already built 100 homes so I’m here to present those homes to the people who truly need them,” Donaire said in an interview with ESPN5. “The homes will be given to victims of typhoons and other natural calamities.”

This is not the first time that Donaire helped out his fellow Filipinos in need. Back in 2009, a much younger Donaire also extended his helping hand to victims of an unforgettable typhoon.

“Back in 2009, Typhoon Ondoy caused a lot of damage in the Philippines and at that time I was at the beginning of my ascent in boxing, of being known in the Philippines. I was very fortunate to be at that level and I was given the opportunity to donate homes so I gave one million pesos and we created homes for those people who were affected,” Donaire said.

“With that in mind, I got connected with the Greg Secker Foundation to be a part of this cause to give away homes. The beauty of the Greg Secker Foundation is that it’s limitless. We reached our initial target of 100 homes and what we’re trying to do is create a thousand homes.”


Three months away from his scheduled fight against Carl Frampton in Ireland, Donaire did not hesitate to spend some time away from home as he knows his presence is needed elsewhere. Instead of starting his camp in the US, Donaire worked out a few times in Manila before flying to Iloilo.

“I believe that when we unite our people to take care of each other, there is no impossibility,” the boxer stated. “As celebrities, we have the responsibility to help because our voices are very powerful. We need to inspire people to work together and go beyond themselves.”

Greg Secker, the British entrepreneur and philanthropist, was also in Iloilo to personally oversee the handover ceremony along with Donaire and other ambassadors of the foundation.

“To be given the homes is like getting a fresh start for the new year. It’s a reminder that there are people out there behind them, supporting them,” Donaire added.

“I’m blessed to be able to reach the level that I did in boxing but when I started helping, there was more fulfillment. I felt good. There was so much gratitude in me. The gratification in contribution is an amazing feeling and you’ll see me, for the rest of my life, to contribute what I have and who I am and do what I can to help out.”

Watch the report from SportsCenter Philippines:

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