Aldin Ayo speaks up, thanks La Salle for two-year stay

January 03, 2018

by: Yoyo Sarmenta

(Yoyo Sarmenta)
(Yoyo Sarmenta)


A week after reports surfaced that Aldin Ayo was set to coach the UST Growling Tigers, the passionate mentor finally opened up.

On Tuesday night, Ayo went to Twitter to voice out his opinions regarding his move. In his account, @AyoAV_official, he began by pointing out apparent differences in what seemed best for the Green Archers, saying “We have different views in handling the team. I’ve always done what is necessary.”

Last December 27, the news broke out that Ayo was headed to coach the Tigers. However, there has not been a formal announcement made by UST.

Ayo further explained that he initially kept silent the past week because he didn’t want to put anyone on a bad light.

“The reason why I kept mum is because of an agreement not to disclose any information before the 1st week of January or until the school makes its official statement,” he said. “I am only breaking my silence since the news has come out earlier than expected and only after getting permission.”

Ayo went on to thank the La Salle community for his fruitful two-year stint. He was appreciative of school patron Eduardo “Danding” Cojuangco Jr, school officials, the community, and the fans.

“Much gratitude to Boss ECJ, the Managers, School Heads, the De La Salle community, all of the Green Archers fans. The two years I have spent with the Archers are two well-spent years indeed,” he posted.

In Ayo’s two-year campaign with the Archers, he led them to an incredible 30-5 record. In La Salle’s championship year in Season 79, they only lost once on their way to the title. The year after, they were a few moments away from winning back-to-back before falling short in Game 3 of Season 80.

Last Monday, the Green Archers eventually moved on from Ayo by announcing his replacement: former assistant Louie Gonzalez.

As for Ayo, an impending formal announcement from UST will make his coaching transfer all but official.

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